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About the company name - Jill is from Jack and Jill. Anna, the owner, is interested in many things but does not consider herself a Jack of all trades, just some trades!

Anna thinks outside the box. She enjoys figuring out solutions that are suited to your needs. And if the scope of the job is outside her abilities, she is upfront about this.

Anna is flexible and a good climber, if you have something that is hard to get to.

Back in the 90s, she studied Construction Management at John Brown University and has practiced many kinds of construction. During her lifetime, she has been on various mission trips, doing relief work in San Jose, Chihuahua, Mexico, Houma, Louisiana (after Hurricane Andrew) & Waveland, Missisippi (after Hurricane Katrina).

Her past experiences have included framing, roofing, concrete pouring, installing drywall, ditch digging, building scaffolding, painting, placing joists with a crane while balancing on framing, woodworking and much more. Besides being trained and having applied herself in these areas, she has also studied traditional and up-to-date methods of project management, surveying, OSHA safety standards, scheduling, estimating, architectural drawing, model building, and theoretical calculations of wood structures, electrical and plumbing.

Anna no longer does large, heavy projects, but works on smaller, short term projects. She loves to do a good job and always cleans up afterwards.

Anna surfs around 5 days a week to stay in good shape. She is alcohol and drug free and does not use fragrances nor is tied to a cellphone.

Personal references are always available upon request.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Work Trip to Waveland, Mississippi

Twisted Railroad Track
Total Devastation
Singing a song on a tractor
Driving the tractor
This church did not fall
A neighborhood wiped out

Church Building Work Trip to Chihuahua, Mexico

At the airport in Texas
Church Building in Mexico
Working with concrete
Playing soccer at night in the forest
Our host family
The Punch-Buggy truck

Updated December 22, 2020